ODPM: Remain vigilant in light of flood alert


    The ODPM wishes to advise all persons, especially those residing or traversing low-lying areas to be extra vigilant and to take the necessary actions to preserve life and property in light of the Met Service’s Riverine Flooding Alert and Adverse Weather Alert.

    Persons should remain on alert for rising river levels and possible over-spill.

    The ODPM wishes to advise persons to desist from intentionally driving or walking through flood waters. Vehicles do not provide adequate protection from flood waters. Vehicles can be swept away or may stall in flood waters.

    The Met Service’s Adverse Weather Alert #1 remains in effect until 8:00 pm today (Thursday 15th November, 2018). The TTMS also issued Riverine Flood Alert #1 – Orange Level for communities located along Trinidad’s main river courses and associated tributaries, for the period Thursday 15th November, 2018 at 10:30 a.m. to Friday 16th November, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.

    As a result of the adverse weather across Trinidad and Tobago, the ODPM has received reports of flooding and landslides.

    Penal/Debe Regional Corporation – There are reports of flooding in the following areas: Penal Rock Road; Clarke Road, Penal; Derrick Road, Debe; Lalbeharry Trace, Debe; Sumani Trace, Barrackpore; Seemungal Trace, Penal Rock Road; Dookie Street, Penal; Ramsubar Trace, Roachard Road, Penal; Aquart Village, Penal; Clarke Road, Penal; Chester Street, Debe.

    Point Fortin Borough Corporation – There are reports of flooding in the following areas: August Joseph Road, Guapo; Savannah Street, Guapo; Salick Trace, Guapo; Cemetery Road, Guapo; Techier Main Road; Techier Link Road; New Village.

    Sangre Grande Regional Corporation – There are reports of flooding in the following areas: Foster Road; Fishing Pond; Toco Road, Vega De Oropouche; La Sieva Road, Sangre Grande (impassable to cars and low vehicles); 38 km Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande (water is crossing roadway); 3.5-3.8km Guaico Tamana Road (water estimated at 12 inches); 4.8 km Guaico Tamana (water on edge of roadway); 0.8-0.9km Little Cora Road (water on roadway estimated at 12 inches); 2.5km Bon Air Road (water on roadway estimated at 12 inches); 2nd Caigual Road 6km (water on roadway estimated at 6-7 inches); 1st Caigual Road 5km (water on roadway estimated at 12inches deep).

    There are reports of fallen trees and landslides in the following areas:

    · Fallen trees between 25.5- 26km Toco Road – Trees cleared by MOWT

    · Landslip at 10.3 km Cunapo Southern Road – Single lane traffic

    · Landslip at 10.7 km Cunapo Southern Road – single lane traffic

    San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation – There are reports of fallen trees at Febeau Village; Laventille Road, San Juan. There are reports of minor landslides along the North Coast Road in the vicinity of the spring and Ramkisson Trace, Santa Cruz. The MOWT has been mobilised to clear the debris.

    Siparia Regional Corporation – There are reports of street flooding in Cedros; San Francique and Siparia proper.

    Mayaro/ Rio Claro Regional Corporation – There are reports of street flooding in the following areas:

    · Carapo Southern Road in Navet. However, the roadway is passable.

    · Mayaro/Guayaguayare Road at Cham Road.

    · Bel Air Road, La Brea Village.

    Tunapuna/ Piarco Regional Corporation – The Manuel Congo River has crested by the Bailey Bridge. The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has been monitoring the water levels in the water courses which border all its housing communities, with a particular focus on Greenvale Park and Oropune Gardens which were recently impacted by flooding. Water pumps for both communities have been activated and flood bags have been distributed to residents who require them. The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) has been placed on alert in the event that a decision is taken to evacuate residents, with emphasis on persons with disabilities and the elderly. Additionally, the La Horquetta Regional Complex has been placed on standby as an emergency shelter in the event of flooding in the area.

    Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation – There were reports of rising water levels in Las Lomas. There is one report of a landslide in Tortuga. The Regional Corporation’s technical team is working alongside officials from the MOWT to address the matter.

    San Fernando City Corporation – There are reports of high river levels at the Cipero and Marabella Rivers. However, there are no reports of flooding at this time.