ODPM continues relief efforts at South homes impacted by bad weather


    The ODPM says it will continue relief efforts in the various communities in South Trinidad that were impacted by bad weather earlier this week.

    The Agency says it coordinated efforts yesterday through mobilization of the Fire Service and the Engineering Battalion of the Defence Force and they supported the various Disaster Management Units in completing initial damage assessments.

    It says that the Engineering Battalion also did emergency repairs to some homes and started detailed assessments of all affected residents.

    The ODPM says it received 57 confirmed reports from Santa Flora, South Oropouche, Fyzabad, Syne Village, Thick Village, Guapo, Parrylands, San Francique, Aripero and Rousillac Village.

    It assures that it will work with the Local Government Ministry to mobilize resources so that the lives of affected families can return to a level of normalcy in the shortest possible time.