NWRHA responds to patient’s claims of poor treatment at POSGH

    (Photo Credit: NWRHA)

    The NWRHA has responded to a social media post by a patient of the Port of Spain General Hospital, who accused officials of failing to help her address her medical ailment.

    In a video posted to Facebook, the distressed woman said she has been in excruciating pain since September last year, with her surgery postponed twice before.

    She also claimed that officials recently told her that she will have to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic was over.

    In a statement, the NWRHA says the patient is scheduled to undergo a procedure on November 17th using an orthopaedic implant procured jointly by the NWRHA and the TRHA.

    It says she is being accommodated on the relevant ward at the Hospital and that its clinical team will continue to medically manage and monitor her to ensure a successful outcome.

    Regarding the claims of postponed surgeries, the NWRHA claims the originally scheduled surgical procedure was postponed as a precautionary measure due to blood investigations which were outstanding at that time.

    It says the procedure was rescheduled to the following week, however its complexities, together with the patient’s medical status, did not allow for it to be completed in the available theatre time.