NWRHA responds to fraud claims


    The North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) has responded to claims by PSA President Watson Duke, of fraud.

    During a live online video yesterday, Mr Duke claimed that money had been deposited into private accounts, and that workers were being denied their rightful increments and pension contributions.

    In a statement, the NWRHA claims a financial audit was conducted in July 2020, which revealed that unauthorized incremental overtime payments totalling less than $50,000 were made to one employee over a six month period.

    It says this prompted further investigation with the employees in question being suspended in accordance with its Conduct Regulations.

    On the matter of increments, the NWRHA says it has been actively processing these within the last two years, with most employees at their correct incremental point as at 2019.

    It adds that it continues to permanently appoint employees, with a major exercise occurring three years ago in which approximately 400 persons were granted permanency.