NWRHA: Medical team worked relentlessly to save deceased patient

    (Photo Credit: NWRHA)

    The North West Regional Health Authority is opening up about the death of woman who had a C-Section at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

    A newspaper article today stated that the parents of Sherise Williams are demanding an investigation.

    A release from the NWRHA this afternoon says that Ms Williams had a successful C-Section and was advised to stay in bed.

    However, it claims that the patient was seen walking shortly after this instruction was given.

    It was at this time, according to the NWRHA, that she slumped to the floor telling doctors and nurses she was feeling dizzy.

    It says the woman was transferred to a bed, became unresponsive and passed away, despite “relentless efforts of the medical team.”

    A postmortem will be done and will be shared with Ms Williams’ next-of-kin.