NOVO Technology: No ‘red flag’ in award of passport kiosks system

    Photo credit: 103.1FM

    NOVO Technologies is ‘categorically’ refuting allegations that there are ‘red flags’ with respect to the award of a contract to the company for the provision of kiosks at the Piarco International Airport.

    On Thursday, National Security Minister Stuart Young says he has appointed Justice Rolston Nelson to investigate the contracts awarded by the Airports Authority for the Automated E-Gate Systems.

    He insisted that Government was unaware of the contract since it never came to the Cabinet for approval and also had concerns with regards to the payment agreement.

    But in a media release, NOVO says the Airports Authority approached the company in 2017 ‘with a pressing need’ to implement the automated border control solution.

    The company believes the Minister’s comments are ‘ill-founded, misguided, and is a baseless attack on the company, which has cast a shadow on its unblemished record.

    NOVO is of the opinion that Mr Young’s statements were clearly uninformed and made without a full appreciation of the facts surrounding the award of the contract.

    The firm also finds it strange that after having launched the project, Government is now attempting to impeach the process by which the contract was awarded, after NOVO fully performed all of their contractual obligations.

    But the firm says it will not be intimidated by the actions of the Government and will continue to defend its contractual rights and reputation vigorously.

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