“No sign of life” after New Zealand volcano eruption

    (Photo Credit: Chris Firkin/AFP via Getty Images)

    Reconnaissance flights over New Zealand’s White Island volcano have not identified any survivors there after Monday’s eruption

    According to the BBC, five people are known to have died and 23 were rescued, some of them critically ill with burn injuries.

    Up to 50 people were thought to be on the island and police believe anyone who could have been found alive was evacuated.

    Tourists were seen walking inside the crater of White Island volcano moments before it erupted.

    Rescuers have been unable to search the island because of the risk of new eruptions.

    White Island is about 2km in diameter, privately owned and was declared a private scenic reserve in 1953.

    Visitors cannot land without permission, however it is accessible by authorised tourist operators.

    The BBC says it has seen several eruptions over the years, most recently in 2016 but no-one was hurt in that event.