Nishal Sankat appears in Florida court for attempted plane theft

    Nishal Sankat

    A Florida court today heard that Nishal Sankat allegedly attempted to steal an American Airlines plane with the intention of harming himself.

    The 22 year old, the son of former UWI Principal Professor Clement Sankat, has been charged with three offences committed at the Melbourne Airport yesterday.

    According to court records obtained by 103FM, those charges are burglary of an occupied conveyance, grand theft, and trespassing in an occupied structure or conveyance.

    The first two are felonies, punishable by prison sentences greater than one year – on these charges, he was not granted bonds.

    The charge of trespassing is a misdemeanor, punishable by a jail sentence of less than a year – on this charge, he was given a 500 US dollar bond.

    Two FBI agents were called to give statements, one of which recalled details of an interview conducted with Sankat after his arrest.

    According to the agent, the accused said he intended to harm himself, and in that process had no regard for eventually harming others.

    Sankat appeared without a lawyer, however the judge ruled that he was non-indigent, meaning he is able to afford a lawyer, and was instructed to do so for his next appearance on October 18th.

    Sankat was also ordered to stay away from the Melbourne Airport, and to have no contact with its employees.