NIDCO: Height railing collapses, Curepe bridge not affected


    NIDCO is advising all motorists to abide with all rules pertaining to the height restriction at the Curepe Interchange construction site.

    On Sunday, a 4.5 metre height restriction was enforced, and will continue to be in place until February 29th, 2020.

    However, a trailer truck driving on the east bound lane of the highway yesterday came into contact with an overhead railing, which was erected to enforce this restriction.

    NIDCO says upon contact, the driver of the truck was told not to move and traffic was stopped by officers on site.

    However, the driver continued to attempt to free the container resulting in it collapsing, hitting the trunk of a white Tiida vehicle, travelling illegally on the shoulder of the highway.

    NIDCO says an investigation will determine if the height restrictions and conditions on the permit for use of the trailer were breached.

    It says the actual bridge infrastructure was not damaged.