NIDCO begins land acquisition for ANR Airport expansion


    NIDCO has begun to distribute notices for the acquisition of lands in Tobago for construction of a new terminal at the ANR Robinson Airport.

    The Section 4 Legal Notices were published in the Gazette on September 6th, and are currently being served to affected landowners and occupiers.

    These notices will allow the State to enter and take possession of land to start construction of the new airport.

    NIDCO however says the State will not take possession immediately – instead affected residents will have six months from the service of the notice to vacate.

    The deadline to vacate lands is the end of February 2020.

    It is now encouraging affected residents to submit their claims for compensation and begin the process of negotiation for settlement.

    The payment of compensation is carded to begin in mid to late October 2019, once settlement has been reached between the State and the claimant .

    NIDCO says reasonable costs incurred in the preparation of claims will be paid by the State as part of a claimant’s compensation package, inclusive of the claimant’s Valuer’s fee.

    Valuers however will not be paid directly by the State.