NIDCO assures of proper vessel maintenance as A.P.T. James arrives

    A.P.T. James on its arrival in Port of Spain around 3:45pm (Photo credit: Works Ministry)

    Officials in charge of the new ferry, the A.P.T. James will not allow the vessel to be abused, according to NIDCO Chairman Herbert George.

    As the ferry officially arrived in Trinidad, Mr George lamented that there is a tendency in this country to use facilities without proper maintenance.

    However, he assures that NIDCO will work to ensure regular servicing of the vessel as well as the other ferry to be delivered to T&T, the Buccoo Reef.

    Also speaking at the ceremony, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan says frustration from the public in 2016 due to sea bridge woes was warranted.

    The vessel is expected to make the journey from island to island in three hours carrying up to 926 passengers and 250 vehicles.

    It officially arrived in Port of Spain around 3:45pm after stopping in Tobago this morning following a journey from Tasmania.

    Meanwhile, THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis said the new ferry will be critical to helping Tobago’s tourism.

    Also speaking at the arrival in Port of Spain, he said that with borders closed the domestic sea bridge remains of utmost importance to the island.

    The A.P.T. James arrived in Tobago around 10:30am (Photo credit: THA)

    The vessel is named after Alphonso Philbert Theophilus James who was an advocate for the political, social and economic development of Tobago.

    The THA says, during his 15-year tenure, he rallied for improvements in the sea communication between Tobago and Trinidad.

    Here are some photos of the interior of the A.P.T. James.