NGC, UTT collaborate on scholarship programme


    NGC has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with UTT to implement a scholarship programme.

    This programme will target Tier I student-athletes of the NGC/NAAATT Youth Elite Programme who are interested in pursuing a tertiary education at the University.

    The scholarships, funded by NGC, will cover all costs associated with the athletes’ course of studies, as well as other aspects of their athletic preparation and training.

    The MOA also essentially establishes a formal relationship between NGC and UTT, where UTT will provide education, accommodation and training facilities for YEP athletes.

    In a statement, NGC says “The scholarship programme will ultimately support the development of a first-class environment for the student-athlete, which is meant to produce well-rounded individuals thriving in both academics and athletics and equipping them for life beyond sport. The structured programme seeks to build the capacity of the selected athletes enrolled in the YEP scholarship programme, by providing financial assistance as well as instruction in strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and life skills.”