NFM: Animal feed shortages to normalize in 2 weeks

    Photo: National Flour Mills

    Shortages of imported corn and soybean meal have been affecting the local animal feed supply, however NFM promises normalization in two weeks’ time.

    Just recently, livestock farmer Shiraz Khan posted online that feed shops are empty and farmers have no feed for their animals.

    National Flour Mills says the import shortages are due to an extra-ordinary high level of demand from China, resulting in the unavailability of loading capacity at ports in supplier countries and a 3 to 4 week delay in shipments to T&T.

    It adds that the cost of the raw materials have also risen significantly in the past two months.

    NFM says raw materials have started arriving with more shipments expected in early January, and the situation is expected to return to normal in the next two weeks once there are no further shipment delays.