New vehicle tint regulations to be enforced in March


    Motorists who contravene the new Regulations regarding vehicle tints will be liable to a fine of $5000.

    The new tint regulations came into effect on August 3rd this year but are not currently enforced by officers.

    The Ministry of Works and Transport says it started a three month moratorium on December 7th, to allow motorists to ensure their vehicle windows and windscreens have the lawful tints.

    The Ministry outlined the minimum levels of Visible Light Transmittance or VLT.

    Minimum levels of Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)
    • Windscreen – at least 70% VLT
    • Windscreen’s Anti-Blare Band (AGB) or Visor– (Width of 6” or 15cm from top of Windscreen) – at least 35% VLT
    • Front windows (driver and passenger) – at least 35% VLT
    • Rear windows (including side windows) – at least 20% VLT
    • Rear windscreen – at least 20% VLT

    The Ministry says individuals or businesses can apply for an Exemption Certificate on the condition of medical grounds or safety and security, and can download the application forms on its website via utilizing this link.

    Application Forms along with the necessary supporting documents are to be placed in a sealed envelope and addressed to the ‘Transport Commissioner, Transport Division, Southern Main Road, Caroni, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, APPLICATION FOR TINT’.

    Application forms must be deposited in the White Box labelled TINT APPLICATION, located on the Ground Floor Staff Entrance, Caroni Licensing Head Office, Southern Main Road, Caroni.

    VIEW the new ‘Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Windscreen and Window Tint) Regulations, 2020 HERE