NCRHA responds to claims of hospital negligence


    The NCRHA has responded to a recent news report in which a mother alleged that her 12 year old daughter was left brain dead because of negligence by hospital staff.

    In a release, NCRHA CEO Davlin Thomas said the girl was known to have a cancerous brain tumour (medulloblastoma), diagnosed in October 2019.

    He claims she subsequently underwent several operations, including a surgery in St Vincent on October 17th where a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt was installed to relieve pressure on her brain caused by fluid accumulation.

    More recently, he says she underwent a resection of posterior fossa mass (brain surgery) at the St Augustine Private Hospital on November 1st 2019.

    Following that, she was allegedly treated on multiple occasions at the Paediatric Emergency Department at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex after experiencing complications.

    This included:

    • December 4th when she complained about vomiting
    • December 7th when she presented to the PED with seizures

    On December 20th, Mr Thomas says she again came to the Emergency Department with an infected wound and a blocked shunt.

    Following her admission, the medical team recommended urgent surgery.

    Mr Thomas alleged that the girl’s mother indicated that she was not ready to sign consent at the time, despite being counselled on the urgent nature of the case.

    He claims approval for the emergency surgery was not granted until later that night, following which the procedure was performed and the girl admitted to the Peads ICU.

    Her condition however continued to deteriorate with increased intracranial pressure as she experienced seizures, decreased respiratory rate and other breathing issues which required intubation on December 24th.

    A follow up CT scan allegedly showed brain damage and later tests confirmed this diagnosis.

    Mr Thomas insists the child received excellent support, close monitoring and intensive care from the medical team at the EWMSC.

    He adds that the NCRHA will now await the final autopsy report before commenting further.