NCC postpones Launch of Carnival 2023

    (Photo Credit: National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago- NCC)

    The National Carnival Commission has postponed its Launch of Carnival 2023 – the Mother of All Carnivals.

    The event was originally carded for Republic Day, September 24th.

    It is now set for November 5th at 4 pm.

    The NCC says the decision to postpone came after careful consideration of the nation’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the significant number of cultural events set to take place on or around Republic Day.

    Chairman, Winston “Gypsy” Peters said, “…we understood that the 60th anniversary celebrations are also a significant milestone that deserves the utmost public focus and attention,from which we choose not to detract.”

    He says they are also aiming to maximize public participation at the Launch especially as they have added new features, such as a Carnival Village, a Pan Yard experience, and Arts and Crafts and cuisine experiences.

    The following the the revised event flyer: