National Trust gets four new council members; calls for public support

    New council members (from left): Marie Abdulah, Mark Franco, Cezanne Chang and Dr Ryan Mohammed

    The National Trust, which now has four new council members, is urging persons to assist with protecting the heritage of T&T.

    In a media release, it says the public and corporate T&T can join the organization or volunteer to help with conservation of the buildings and natural sites identified by the Trust.

    Chairman Margaret McDowall believes this is a collective responsibility shared by all citizens.

    Moving into 2021, she will be joined by four new council members Marie Abdulah, Mark Franco, Cezanne Chang and Dr Ryan Mohammed.

    The National Trust was established in 1991 to:
    • Identify built and natural properties and sites of interest
    • Formally list properties and sites important to national heritage to prevent destruction or to ensure discussion prior to agreed modification
    • Make provision for access to and enjoyment of properties of interest by the public
    • Encourage research and acquisition of records of properties of interest and historical artefacts
    • Conduct education and awareness campaigns to ensure general acceptance of the rich and diverse heritage of T&T