Nat Sec’s claim for bigger budgetary allocation put before Cabinet

    (Photo Credit: Office of the Parliament)

    Despite calls for his resignation, National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds has not considered stepping down.

    In fact, responding to questions at a media briefing today, he explained that he has put a case before Cabinet for an increased budgetary allocation for his Ministry.

    Admitting that the crime situation in T&T is “horrendous”, Mr Hinds said he is working to ensure law enforcement can be properly resourced.

    Among those calling for Mr Hinds’ resignation is the Opposition UNC who renewed this demand today.

    In a media release, the party criticized the Minister for a statement he reportedly made during Parliament on Friday.

    Trinidad Express reports that he said some assault victims are choosing to profit from their situations by making deals with the criminals.

    The UNC believes this statement is reprehensible, shameful, and disgusting and proof that he is unfit for the job.