NAMDEVCO: Root crop flour available at farmers’ markets

    Cassava is among the root crops used to make flour (Photo credit: Daniel Dan via Pexels)

    Following NFM’s increase in the price of flour, NAMDEVCO says root crop flour is available at its farmers’ markets nationwide.

    Among the options it assures are available are sweet potato and cassava flour.

    In fact, its monitoring has revealed consistent quarterly production of 1.15 million kg of sweet potatoes and 1.07 million kg of cassava can be readily converted into root crop flour.

    This Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah Farmers’ Market, NAMDEVCO will have a recipe demonstration on the different types of locally produced root crop flour.

    It is encouraging persons to use composite flours made from a ratio of root crop and wheat, in light of the limited supply of wheat flour in the global market.