Murders down 25%, Serious Crime down 30%

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has released some crime statistics for 2020 from the police service.

    He says murders have been reduced by over 25 per cent compared to 2019 and every major crime has been reduced by 19 to 80 percent this year.

    This includes:

    41 % reduction in kidnapping
    70 % reduction in kidnapping for ransom
    31 % reduction for robbery
    22 % reduction for house break-ins
    24 % reduction for wounding and shootings
    25 % reduction for sexual offences including rape
    19 % reduction for larceny of motor vehicles
    25 % reduction in road traffic fatalities

    He says all amounts to a 30 per cent reduction in serious crime, with this being the highest drop in crime from one year to another in over 30 years, inclusive of 2011 when there was a State of Emergency.