MPs caught sleeping in Bermuda Parliament


    A Government backbencher in Bermuda has called for an investigation into the use of cameras in Parliament, after photos appeared on social media sites of legislators apparently asleep during House of Assembly sessions.

    Christopher Famous, a Government MP who was one of the politicians captured taking a nap, called for a probe.

    A video of Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden, apparently having dozed off, was also posted on an online site, the Royal Gazette newspaper said yesterday.

    Other pictures showed MPs slumped in their chairs or with their heads falling forward, apparently with their eyes closed.

    Among those captured were Minister of Public Works David Burch, as well as PLP backbenchers Kim Swan — who denied he was asleep, saying he was looking down into his phone — and Dennis Lister III.

    The images, which appeared to have been taken on smartphones, were met with a mixed reaction online, including criticism, amusement and empathy, the Gazette said.

    It is not known who took the pictures or when, but the camera angles of some suggested they were taken on the floor of the House, while others, it seems, were taken from the public gallery, the newspaper reported.

    PLP Chairman Owen Darrel said the images of MPs and their use on social media was “regrettable and unfortunate”.

    A notice to the public “by order of the speaker” in the House makes clear a ban on the use of electronic devices.

    The code of conduct for MPs also forbids the use of electronic devices.