MP saddened by government “neglect” of Moruga/Tableland

    (Photo credit: Office of the Parliament)

    An MP says the issues facing constituents when she became MP two years ago, are the same issues facing them today.

    Michelle Benjamin yesterday commemorated two years as MP for Moruga/Tableland.

    She says while she is happy to be able to serve the constituents but a lack of progress in dealing with issues is upsetting.

    Ms Benjamin claims government is neglecting Moruga/Tableland.

    As an example of the problems affecting residents, she says a leaking WASA pipeline in Fort George has caused land instability which eventually rendered a family’s home inhospitable.

    She claims that numerous letters were sent to the relevant authorities alerting them to the impending disaster and, while the Works Ministry sent an Engineer to examine the structure, the family received no tangible relief.

    MP Benjamin is pleading for assistance for the family which is now in need of a new home.