MP Padarath: Piparo residents worried about mud volcano

    (Image via TT Weather Centre)

    Residents of Piparo living near the mud volcano are today worried, due to the activity that occurred last night at the site.

    The volcano did not erupt, but activity linked to it caused cracks along the road on Pancho Trace, significant damage to a property and a strong sulphur smell.

    Princes Town MP Barry Padarath says the general feeling is that this is a ticking time bomb and a disaster waiting to happen.

    He says he was told by a seismologist that it is a worrying scenario, reminiscent of the 1997 mud volcano eruption.

    Mr. Padarath says he is dissatisfied with the response from the authorities so far, saying more needs to be done to put things in place to prepare for any eventuality.

    He says while testing needs to be done to find out what’s really occurring, there’s also the social impact this situation could have on residents who can be potentially affected.

    The MP says a shelter is being prepared at the moment in case residents need to move out of their homes.