MP: Cumuto/Manzanilla a victim of rural neglect

    (Photo Credit: Office of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago)

    The Cumuto/Manzanilla MP is demanding that action be taken to address what he calls rural neglect of the constituency.

    Dr Rai Ragbir notes that residents today demonstrated to show their frustration about a landslip near Leemond Junction and other issues.

    The MP says he had written to the Works Minister on December 31st, 2021 about the growing landslip and later asked a question about it in Parliament.

    Works, he claims, began in August this year but by September 4th, the landslip collapsed quickly, and this has caused the road to be temporarily closed every few days.

    MP Ragbir says Cumuto/Manzanilla is also plagued by a lack of regular water supply and bad roads.

    He says these matters should be addressed immediately as they are causing expense to residents.