MP accuses Govt of deceiving scrap iron dealers/worker


    Pointe-a-Pierre MP David Lee is accusing the Government of deceiving local scrap iron dealers and workers.

    Last August a ban on scrap iron exports was announced by the Attorney General, who later stated in November that Government would consider partially lifting the ban before December 31st 2022.

    Weeks into January 2023, the Scrap Iron Dealers Association claimed it has not heard anything further on this.

    In a statement, Mr Lee accused the Government and the AG of giving false hope to those in the industry.

    He also accused them of misleading the Parliament, pointing to a statement made by the AG on December 14th 2022, in which he reportedly committed to have the industry functioning.

    The Opposition MP says over a month has gone by since the Scrap Iron Bill was passed, yet the industry remains shut.