Motorists urged to check tint before new law is enforced


    Motorists are urged to get the tint on their vehicles tested and replaced if necessary, to ensure they do not run afoul of new laws that will come into effect later this year.

    There is currently a three month moratorium in place until March 31st, to allow drivers to become compliant.

    Speaking on 103.1FM this morning, Road Safety Coordinator Brent Batson says the TTPS will have certain checkpoints available for those who want to verify their tint readings.

    Persons who require darker tints for health reasons, can seek an exemption from the Transport Commissioner.

    Exemptions can also be requested for security and other reasons.

    100% means no tint i.e. full visible light transmittance (VLT), while 0% means no light transmission.

    Under the new law:

    • Windscreen – at least 70% VLT
    • Windscreen’s Anti-Glare Band – at least 35% VLT
    • Front windows (driver and passenger) – at least 35% VLT
    • Rear windows (including side windows) – at least 20% VLT
    • Rear windscreen – at least 20%