Motorists urged to avoid using Toco Main Road due to landslip near to Balandra


    The Disaster Management Unit of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation has mobilized a backhoe and chainsaw operator to assist in clearing the roadway along the Toco Main Road.

    Earlier today, the Ministry of Local Government advised of the temporary road closure, due to a landslip on Toco Road, near to the Balandra Fishing Facility.

    It advised citizens to avoid using this route as traffic delays will be expected when traversing the area.

    Around 2pm, it says a technical team from the DMU and the Works Ministry were in the process of removing debris from the road.

    The Ministry says cars and ambulances can traverse the roadway at this time, but trucks will have to wait until the debris is cleared.

    The TTPS is said to be on site assisting in traffic management.