More concerns about walk-in process for COVID vaccine

    The line at the Sangre Grande Health Centre on June 10th 2021

    There are more concerns today about the walk-in process for vaccines following the implementation of the alphabetical, surname process for persons 60 and over.

    This decision followed long lines and congregation yesterday which was the first day for walk-ins.

    However, there were reports that the line at the Sangre Grande Health Centre was almost as long as yesterday.

    Some persons online also complained about being turned away from other health centers.

    103.1FM News was told by a senior official attached to the TTPS Headquarters, that health centers were given 50 vaccines for today.

    As such, many centers have completed their administration for the day.

    The official says process was also incident-free, and that officers did not have to intervene to disperse crowds.

    Meanwhile, citizens are urging government to go back to the drawing board and are making recommendations.

    These include serving one letter per day or utilizing health center cards to call persons for their appointment.

    103.1FM has tried contacting Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh to no avail.

    Meanwhile, the NCRHA and NWRHA have released a schedule saying the walk-ins would run on weekdays only from today until Wednesday 16th June.

    See the schedules from both, which contain the same information: