Moralis Building in Scarborough to be demolished


    The Moralis Building is one of four derelict buildings earmarked for demolition in and around Scarborough, Tobago.

    According to the Division of Infrastructure, there have been an increasing number of reports of material falling on passersby from the Moralis Building, and so, in the coming weeks, emergency demolition will be undertaken.

    Infrastructure Secretary, Kwesi Des Vignes said that while a ‘Notice to Abate Nuisance’ was installed at this site under a previous Administration.

    He adds that the property is based on private land, however there is currently no known existing owner or relative and due process had to be followed.

    Three Government buildings have also reportedly been earmarked for demolition.

    It says the direction follows a report submitted by a CrossDivisional Committee tasked with appraising and monitoring aged structures in and around Scarborough; and further, devising strategies to improve safety and aesthetics of the capital.