Ministry – measures in place to deal with GATE delays

    (Photo Credit: Sarah Chandoo/103.1FM)

    Efforts are underway to treat with outstanding GATE applications for students of The UWI St Augustine Campus.

    Many say they have been unable to register for classes, since the university has put a hold on their academic accounts.

    The delay reportedly includes a backlog in the Means Test, which is used to determine the ability of the student’s family, or independent students, to contribute financially to the cost of their education.

    The Education Ministry claims the delay in processing the applications was due to “the provision of stale dated financial information, omissions in household income and submission of incorrect documents as proof of income, and staff constraints.”

    It says the Head of the Funding and Grants Administration Division, which is responsible for GATE, is working now to complete the outstanding applications.

    Special arrangements have been put in place for staff members to complete the process in order to mitigate the delays in GATE approvals, specifically the Means Test.