Ministry launches assistive mobile devices for persons with disabilities


    The Social Development Ministry and the Telecommunications Authority of T&T has launched an initiative to allow persons with disabilities to have equal access to information and services.

    The Ministry says through the use of the assistive mobile devices, persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired or blind, will receive real time support, as well as, information about products and services.

    According to Director of the Disability Affairs Unit Sharon Rogers, the initiative “will provide an estimated 25,000 persons who live with either visual or hearing impairments, with pertinent access to education, employment, transportation, health care and recreational opportunities, whilst enhancing their socio-economic contributions to this country.”

    Over the last few months, the Ministry has helped TATT develop an initial database of beneficiaries.

    The Disability Affairs Unit will now be responsible for contacting and advising selected clients about the process.

    Phase I of the Universal Service Initiative for Persons with Disabilities, will focus on the provision of subsidized devices to one hundred (100) clients who satisfy TATT’s criteria, between August and October 2019.

    Further information about the Universal Service Initiative and the National Policy on Persons with Disabilities can be found on the Ministry’s website and social media feeds.