Ministry on 2020 CSEC and CAPE results, some students & teachers upset


    The Education Ministry says this year’s CSEC and CAPE results demonstrate the discipline and perseverance of students despite the challenges of COVID-19.

    The Ministry says 8,497 students were registered for CAPE Units I and II with 32 subjects written for both.

    It adds that 95.2% of written CAPE subject entries achieved acceptable passes, which are Grades I to V.

    76.07% of the subject entries received Grades I , II and III.

    For CAPE Unit I – 26 out of 32 subjects had a pass rate of 90% and above, while for CAPE Unit II – 25 out of 32 subjects attained a pass rate of 90% and above.

    Meanwhile 24,136 students were registered for the CSEC exam, writing examinations in 34 subject areas.

    There were 114,642 subject areas, in which 70.4% received passing grades (Grades I, II and III).

    55.03% of students who attempted five or more subjects were successful.

    According to the Ministry, pass rates were also higher in 19 subjects in 2020 as compared to 2019.



    Several local students and teachers however have expressed dismay over the recently released results.

    103FM News understands that a number of students in several schools were “ungraded” in certain subjects at the CAPE level.

    According to CXC, “ungraded” indicates that the scores for one component of the examination were not submitted on behalf of the candidate.

    Students with such a grade are usually advised to submit a query to the CXC Local Registrar.

    There are also reports of students who excelled in CAPE Unit 1, receiving much lower grades in Unit 2.

    Many have since raised the matter with their schools, which is part of the process to query the results, which is done at a cost.

    There are similar complaints in other Caribbean countries as well, with several online petitions being signed by students across the region calling on CXC to review its grades.

    One petition on had accumulated over 7,000 signatures by 4PM.

    The petition was started by an individual named Kim Harper, and carries the following caption:

    “This is a petition created to DEMAND a COMPLETE and THOROUGH review of the 2020 CXC examination results. By signing this petition you are requesting a THOROUGH review of ALL examination papers submitted for grading following the sitting of the the 2020 CAPE and CSEC examinations, and are alleging that there has been a mistake of the behalf of the Caribbean Examinations Council in regards to graded results distributed to candidates via the Online Student Portals (as many students believe the grades distributed to not accurately reflect their performance in the exams. Edited 23/9/2020) and request IMMEDIATE reconsideration and review of ALL the results.”