Ministry clarifies issues relating to works at Cunapo Bridge


    The Works Ministry has sought to clarify what it says are certain issues relating to ongoing works at the Cunapo Bridge.

    It says a decision was taken to fix the area after decades of reports from residents, businesses and SWAHA Hindu College that the bridge was unsafe to traverse.

    Some of the major issues highlighted included a lack of pedestrian access, particularly children, reduced traffic flow as the bridge accommodates one vehicle at a time and perennial flooding.

    The Ministry says on April 28th, 2014, it initiated the process to procure consultants to do the necessary studies and designs for 13 bridges, including B2/1 Cunapo Southern Main Road, through NIDCO.

    It says Design and Construction Supervision Consultancy, who was awarded the contract, presented two design options for building of the bridge.

    The Ministry says the first option, which included realignment of the river channel to help with drainage issues in the area, was chosen as it was cost effective, the least disruptive to the public and solved localized flooding.

    It says construction of the Cunapo Bridge Project started in April 2018 and included the reconstruction of the new 27 meter span bridge south of the existing one, realignment and construction of 229 meters of the new river channel on acquired lands and demolition of the old bridge.

    The Ministry says this project is intended to provide a safe and reliable bridge for road users, eliminate excessive traffic pileups and alleviate the problems associated with flooding along the Cunapo Southern Main Road.