Minister: Water use in T&T is almost 200 times international standards


    Public Utilities Minister Robert le Hunte has claimed that water use in T&T is almost 200 times international standards.

    While he admitted that WASA has their role to play by fixing leaks and internal problems, he says in some cases the volume of water used is way beyond what may be required.

    The Minister believes citizens are very wasteful of water and hopes that will improve since T&T is expected to face a harsh dry season from next month.

    He adds that WASA will begin working on a campaign from next month to encourage persons to conserve water.

    Mr Le Hunte was also critical of several Carnival ‘wet fetes’, which he believes is a waste of the resource.

    This statement comes following his recent claim in the Parliament that T&T is one of the highest per-capita consumers of electricity in the Caribbean.