Minister dismisses claims of poor Coast Guard response to incident


    National Security Minister Stuart Young has dismissed allegations that there was a lack of response by the Coast Guard to a report of a robbery at sea in the Waterloo Area on November 14th.

    The claim is said to have come from the group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) which has long been critical of security and response measures in the Gulf of Paria.

    In a release, Mr Young says upon receiving the report on November 14th the Coast Guard immediately deployed resources to the area to conduct patrols and searches.

    He adds that there were no confirmed reports of any injuries, stolen equipment or missing persons at sea as a result of the incident.

    Mr Young also dismissed repeated statements by FFOS that this country’s radar system is non-functional, saying that it is in fact operational and being utilised, with measures being actively pursued to further fortify the system.

    The Minister also reiterated a call for fisherfolk to install Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices in their vessels and to follow all safety advice provided by the Coast Guard.