Migrant: Sugar costs more than monthly salary in Venezuela


    103FM news spoke to several of the migrants, who explained their side of the story on why they’re in Trinidad.

    Senor Francisco Paiva who is a chef by profession told us he does have a permanent resident status in T&T, but is trying to get his wife and children registered.

    Paiva hailed the process to register Venezuelans saying it was smooth and seemed to be well organised, but believes many Venezuelans did not show up at the Port of Spain venue because of a recent incident where police detained many.

    He says his family did not want to leave the mainland, but had no other choice to be able to survive and support their loved ones in Venezuela.

    Meanwhile, we also spoke with Charlton Marcial who is Venezuelan by nationality but has Trinidadian parents.

    Marcial who was a certified crane operator in Venezuela is also trying to get his wife and children registered because of the hardships faced in the mainland.

    He says life has become hard, since a kilogram of sugar that costs US$10, is more expensive than the monthly minimum wage salary of US$6 a month.

    The process to register Venezuelans will last two weeks, and officially ends on June 14th.