MET Service’s 2021 Dry Season Temperature Outlook

    (Image via T&T MET Service)

    The 2021 Dry Season is likely to see warmer than average temperatures during the day and at night for most of T&T.

    According to the MET Service’s Temperature Outlook, the high temperatures are not likely to be very uncomfortable during January and February.

    In fact, it says a few nights in January and February may be relatively cold, with minimum temperatures falling below 20 degrees Celsius.

    April and May however are likely to see a number of hot days, leading to short-duration hot-spells.

    The 2021 Dry Season outlook also shows moderately enhanced chances for wetter than usual conditions, with the likelihood of above normal rainfall totals.

    The season however is still likely to produce many sunny days with typical dry season weather.

    Also, while March is typically the driest month in the Dry Season, April is likely to be the driest month in the 2021 Dry Season.

    The Dry Season runs from January to May.