Met Service: Above-normal rainfall from November to January


    Keep those umbrellas close, and be prepared for any possibility of flooding, as the Met Service is forecasting above-normal rainfall for November to January.

    It says November is likely to be wetter than usual and the risk of flooding remains elevated, as historically, this month has produced high impact flooding events.

    In its outlook, the Met Service says there is a 60% chance for at least one 7-day wet spell during November to January.

    During this period, the largest seasonal total rainfall amounts are likely to be as much as 1010 mm in east Trinidad near Valencia, Sangre Grande, North Oropuche and environs.

    Persons living in flood risk areas should continue to be alert and re-examine flood preparedness.

    Regarding the heat, the Met Service says both day and night temperatures are likely to be above-normal for the rest of 2019 but are not likely to be excessively uncomfortable.