Mayaro MP calls for intervention to tackle locust invasion


    Mayaro MP Rushton Paray is calling for immediate intervention to address an invasion of locusts in parts of Rio Claro and Mayaro.

    Mr Paray says over the past few days, thousands of insects have swarmed communities, destroying food crops and causing loss and inconvenience to residents.

    He also claims while the Ministry’s Farm Office in Rio Claro has advised that the infestation is part of a natural cycle that can be managed by spraying crops, the Office itself is severely hamstrung by a lack of working vehicles.

    As such, MP Paray is calling on Minister Kazim Hosein to reassign vehicles to the Rio Claro-Mayaro districts.

    In the interim, he says a request has also been made to the Mayaro-Rio Claro Regional Corporation to assist as best as it can.