Mayaro MP: $1M redirection not a solution to water woes


    The redirection of $1 million in municipal corporations is not a solution to water woes, according to the Mayaro MP.

    Recently, it was announced that corporations would be allowed to use up to $1 million from unspent balances to deal with the issues.

    However, according to a media release from Mr Rushton Paray the money is already being redirecting to vital repairs of roads, bridges and other crucial projects.

    Furthermore he claims those funds would only permit short-term water trucking and cheat corporations of funding for other vital work.

    Mr Paray says the Minister of Local Government must insist that new funding be provided for truck-borne supplies, beginning immediately.

    He also urges Government to mandate WASA and other relevant agencies to work to bring relief as he believes the issue is being caused by incompetence on the part of WASA.