Main Points – Prime Minister’s Address


    * No additional restrictions or rollbacks on restrictions were announced.

    * Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley recounted the battle against the virus thus far, adding that the fight will continue, with an effort as well to preserve key economic activities.

    * He adds that Government will try to prevent devastating restrictions, with such measures to be a last resort.

    * The PM believes that with the increasing number of cases and deaths in T&T, persons may have become desensitized – he says less persons are being vaccinated, some persons are refusing to be tested for COVID-19 and others who have tested positive are refusing to isolate.

    * He urged persons to get vaccinated, to encourage others to get vaccinated and to remain vigilant for the Christmas period.

    * The PM warned that if the numbers continue at the current rate, the parallel healthcare system will become overwhelmed in days.

    * On the reopening of beaches, Dr Rowley is adopting a ‘wait and see approach’ – he pointed to the possibility of a phased reopening if there is no further significant deterioration.

    * On Carnival 2022, he says there will be no street parade. He adds however that there may be room for certain safe zone events.