Long term leases granted to farmers


    Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat insists land tenure is his #1 priority, as he today distributed letters of Cabinet approval for the grant of long-term leases to farmers.

    Writing on his official Facebook page, Mr Rambharat say many of the farmers in question have been waiting over 30 years.

    He says many months were spent perusing decades-old files and brittle paper to reconstruct their history for the purpose of Cabinet approval.

    He also posted several photos showing tattered documents.

    According to Mr Rambharat, the process of turning these paper files into electronic form is undertaken by an initiative launched in 2018 – it produces an the electronic form backed by a bar-coded LandCard®.

    He also defended his focus on the issuing of the distribution, saying “many would not understand until they have waited 30 years for a registered lease”.