List of names exhausted as Tropical Storm Wilfred forms


    Tropical Storm Wilfred has formed in the Atlantic, however it is not expected to directly impact the Caribbean.

    According to the National Hurricane Centre, maximum sustained winds for Wilfred are near 65 km/h, with some slight strengthening possible today.

    Weakening should however start this weekend and continue into next week.

    Wilfred meanwhile is the last of the 21 names on the list for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season (the letters Q, U, X, Y, Z are not used since names starting with these letters are fairly rare).

    This means for the rest of the season, storms will be named using the Greek alphabet, such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.

    This is in accordance with guidelines from the World Meteorological Organization.

    The last time the list of names was exhausted was in 2005, where six storms were named using the Greek alphabet.