Levels at Hollis Reservoir remain low

    Hollis Reservoir (File photo)

    Hollis Reservoir is at 21.82% capacity, and WASA is again calling on persons to conserve water.

    During a media tour of the reservoir today, company CEO Alan Poon King warned that it had a capacity of one billion gallons but now stands at 300 million gallons.

    This he adds is uncomfortably low, and unusual for this time of year.

    Mr Poon King also urged persons to pay their bills on time: he reminded that customers had two billing periods to do so before they are disconnected.

    Meanwhile according to WASA statistics, other reservoirs, though not as badly off, are still below their regular long term averages (LTAs):

    Caroni/Arena is currently at 44.94% (LTA – 72.18%)
    Navet is at 32.84% (LTA – 73.16%)
    Hillsborough is at 48.27% (LTA – 76.56%)