Less stolen vehicles in 2019, Nissan still the choice for criminals


    In 2019 there was a decrease in the number of vehicles stolen, however Nissan cars remain the most popular target for criminals.

    During today’s weekly TTPS briefing, Sergeant Christopher Swamber of the Stolen Vehicles Squad gave some stats as it pertains to the larceny and robbery of motor vehicles.

    Larceny is the theft of a car when the owner is not around, while robbery refers to incidents where the car is taken from the owner.

    The total value of the vehicles stolen in 2019 was approximately $64.8m.

    Sergeant Swamber also revealed that of the total number of vehicles stolen more than half were Nissan.

    There was however a marked decrease in the theft of Nissan B13 and B12 vehicles, presumably due to the fact that these models are no longer being imported.