Leave granted for local media house to challenge the top cop

    SDMS Secretary General and Radio & TV Jaagriti CEO Sat Maharaj

    Central Broadcasting Services Limited also known as Radio and TV Jaagriti says it has successfully obtained ‘ leave’ to challenge the Commissioner of Police.

    It follows the move by the TTPS to acquire a video recording from the organization on April 18th this year.

    It says it continually requested the TTPS and the Top CoP to produce the warrant which they claimed to have during the search.

    Following their refusal to produce a warrant, Radio and TV Jaagriti challenged the Commissioner of Police for failing to show and or provide a copy of a warrant which they claimed to have.

    Central Broadcasting Services Limited says Justice Boodoosingh granted the order which now paves the way for Radio and TV Jaagriti to further challenge the COP in judicial review proceedings.