Law Association concerned about “One Shot, One Kill” Policy


    The Law Association is expressing concern about the Police Commissioner’s “One Shot, One Kill” policy.

    It says while the Top Cop is correct to assert the use of deadly force by officers when fired upon, the law does not bestow the blanket authorization of a shoot to kill policy.

    Instead, it says the use of deadly force must always be proportionate to the threat posed to the officer in question – shooting someone who aims a gun at an officer is defensible while shooting to kill in response to  an attack with fists is likely to be deemed as excessive and not sanctioned by law.

    It acknowledges that while officers are entitled to protect themselves, so too should members of the public be protected from trigger happy officers.

    The Association also cautions the Top Cop against his “overly strident attack on critics of his “One Shot, One Kill” policy saying it may upset the delicate balance of which the law seeks to instill.

    Continuing to do so it warns, may see the Commissioner setting himself up as unaccountable, with persons not allowed to criticize his stewardship.