Labour Ministry warns against the employment of children below age 16


    Labour Minister Stephen Mc Clashie is urging all citizens, including employers and parents, to adhere to the law by not allowing children below 16 years to work.

    In a release he reminds that Child Labour deprives children of their most basic rights to an education and childhood, limits their potential and negatively affects them physically and mentally.

    He adds that given the effects brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, children are at greater risk.

    In response to a call by the International Labour Organization for member states to pledge their commitment towards ending Child Labour, the following pledge statement was put forward by the Ministry of Labour on behalf of T&T:

    “Trinidad and Tobago pledges to support and protect our nation’s children and free them from all forms of Child Labour.”

    Action areas are also being embarked upon through the coordinated effort of the Ministry’s National Steering Committee for the Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour and the Labour Inspectorate Unit:

    • The development and implementation of a 6-Step Strategic Compliance model for the Labour Inspectorate Unit
    • The establishment of a Child Labour Protocol
    • The development of a light work and hazardous list by sector
    • The development of a situational analysis and conduct of a data Mapping Exercise
    • The conduct of primary research by a consultant to assess the situation of Child Labour in Trinidad and Tobago
    • Collaboration with Key Government/Non-Government Agencies
    • Development of a National Action Plan for Child Labour

    Reports can be made to the Labour Inspectorate Unit at 299-0300 option 3, Childline at 131 or Children’s Authority at 996.