La Soufrière dome continues to grow

    (Photo via UWI Seismic Research Centre)

    The Alert level at the La Soufrière Volcano in St Vincent remains at Orange, with activity continuing at the site.

    According to the country’s National Emergency Management Organization, the dome that broke through the crater floor on December 27th 2020 continues to grow.

    It is expanding in a westerly direction, as it continues to exude magma and steam.

    The growth is so significant that, according to NEMO, satellite imagery from the Monitoring Unrest from Space Project shows that the dome is detectable by orbiting earth satellites.

    Two scientists from the Seismic Research Centre based at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Dr. Thomas Christopher and Dr. Adam Stinton, will join the current team in St. Vincent later this week.

    They are expected to gather data from the dome and crater.

    The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency meanwhile is finalizing helicopter support for the SRC Team to install equipment and collect samples from the summit of the volcano.

    The Team began installation of a Seismic station in Owia yesterday and will continue installation in Fancy and areas closer to the volcano during the course of this week.

    Installation of a GPS station at Georgetown was successful, with a total of three stations currently streaming data to SRC.

    Despite the continued activity, no evacuation order or notice has been issued just yet.