Jail time for stealing from officer warded with COVID-19


    Three men have pleaded guilty to stealing from the home of a police officer who was recently warded with COVID-19.

    The 44-year-old Special Reserve Officer was discharged from the Couva Hospital on June 4th.

    When he arrived at his home he found a number of items missing, including his police issued bullet proof vest, police issued hat, 42″ LG television, Sony DVD player, and tool box.

    On June 9th, officers executed a search warrant at three homes in North Eastern Settlement, Sangre Grande, where the items were recovered.

    After pleading guilty in court today, 18-year-old Tarique Kerr, 20-year-old Rayon Flanders and 20-year-old Remy Fuentes, were sentenced to 36 months in jail with hard labour.